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Founded in 2011, we develop comprehensive end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions for businesses and individuals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond. Now that we are available in the Middle East and the Far East, we can offer an enhanced service to our online shoppers. In addition to providing the highest quality services and competitive rates, we strive to understand your specific business needs and offer standard and customized logistic solutions. Our commitment to continually developing our employees and network capabilities worldwide and exceeding customer expectations is one of our core values.


We Make Things Easy & High Profitable

Globus Logistics is a fast growing supply chain firm especially formed to fill the gap in the supply chain requirements. The company has more than 200 employees in KSA, Singapore and Malaysia with 25Km2 for the temperature-controlled area, and 40Km2 for the dry area. Meter capacity and strong network of dedicated fleet of 35 refrigerated trucks to cater the needs of its valued customers.

With highly experienced, skilled & knowledgeable team members, the state of art resources & facilities and highly integrated system driven processes, Globus logistics has uniquely positioned itself to become a leading logistics & supply chain solutions provider in the world. To fill the gap in supply chain and achieve highest levels of customer satisfaction in supply chain, Globus has created following eight business units essential to complete any supply chain requirements:

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Globus Logistics is a fast growing supply chain firm especially formed to fill the gap in the supply chain requirements. The company has more than 200 employees in KSA, Singapore and Malaysia with a temperature controlled warehousing of 65,000 Sq. Our main services


Our Purpose

To become market leader in supply chain services provider with seamless & cost effective supply, speedy delivery and provide complete logistics & supply chain solutions by adopting world class & technologically advanced systems

Our Vision

To provide the cost efficient supply chain solutions with the best quality of goods & services to withstand the competition

Our Mission

To add value to logistics & supply chain services by filling the direct and indirect gaps in an excellently professional and adaptable manner.

Our Values

We value team work. The whole is better than the individuals.

  • We live by the rule “Excellence in Everything
  • We always strive to exceed our customers' expectations and we always do it with deep commitment
  • We make sure to know what to do, and then we do what we know
  • We believe in Respect for all, Honesty in all things and Professionalism in thoughts and actions every time, in every way and everywhere.
  • We use thinking, feeling, action in all we do for our customers, team members, our company and our communities.


Being a service oriented company, improving the quality of goods & services, achieving the business KPIs, and controlling the direct & indirect cost has become essential to control logistics & supply chain services pricing and withstand the competition in the market.

The company took various initiatives to improve & control stock accuracy, enhancing business processes and operations efficiency through implementing “ERP” software and tailor made in-house software called “Execution Planner” to control and monitor different business activity.

This has supported Globus Logistics to explore the market further and aim to become a market leader in the supply chain solutions provider

Our Goals

We have a passion for creating business opportunities by achieving the below goals:

  • To improve customer service level and customers satisfaction.
  • To reduce overhead expenses and increase profitability by selecting a "win-win" scenario all the time.
  • To eliminate factors that may cause inefficiency.

Present Market Status

Today, Globus Logisticsb> is proud to be a market leader in providing quality tailor made solutions to outside market in different business sectors as follows :

  • Food & Beverage
  • HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant & Catering)
  • Agriculture and Livestock
  • FMCG
  • Manufacturing
  • Medical, Cosmetic & Healthcare
  • Building & Construction
  • Chemical and DG's
  • Information Technology

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