Warehousing Globus

We offer all types of warehousing facilities including frozen, chilled, ambient and dry to our valued customers. Other Services offered include:
postponement, distribution and vendor management inventory management. We have experience in designing warehouse space for optimal efficiency. Our experts have proven ability to understand complex physical processes along with the advanced planning and strategy formulation skills needed to manage demanding, complex and multi-faceted warehousing assignments. Our advanced Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows us great flexibility in our operations to accommodate and tailor them to address the specific requirements of the client. It also allows us continuous clear visibility, on time reporting, and security. All doors, warehouses, and offices are completely secured and all our facilities are equipped with E.S.P.R sprinkler and are monitored by CCTV Cameras.

Our warehousing services include, but are not limited to as follows:

  1. Scheduling in coming shipments
  2. Unloading goods from containers, trucks and trailers
  3. Sorting the goods by purchase order by commodity SKU
  4. Generating and Creating SKU, Part Number, Barcodes etc
  5. Quality and Quantity Checks
  6. Damage and loss control and reporting
  7. Product expiration monitoring and control
  8. Auto replenishment and stock level management
  9. Picking, arranging, palletizing, and wrapping the products for distribution
  10. Maintain correct inventory balance and periodic cycle counts
  11. Re-labeling, repacking, shrink wrapping etc
  12. Seasonal Products Specialized Storage Facilities