Asset Management

Asset Management

Globus Logistics helps you understand and manage the cost, risk and value of your company's assets. We assist in increasing productivity to meet business objectives through asset optimization and risk minimization.

Our asset management system provides a structured approach to manage and maintain assets to achieve efficiencies through the planning and controlling of physical resources.

Asset Lifecycle

The overall objective of asset lifecycle management is to optimize the value of the company's asset base by: 

  • Optimizing acquisition costs through strategic sourcing and effective evaluation of options
  • Optimizing maintenance costs through effective management strategies that are appropriate to overall utilization of the asset at points in time
  • Actively seeking reuse opportunities thus leveraging existing assets
  • Actively planning for the retirement or replacement of assets

We help optimize the asset lifecycle through the following orderly phases:

  1. Planning - Acquisition need analysis and source selection
  2. Acquisition/Construction
  3. Commissioning and storage
  4. Access and Security – ensuring only authorized access
  5. Usage – user training
  6. Performance monitoring
  7. Enhance efficiency
  8. Retire